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                Our Talent Value

                 China WindPower Group Limited persists in its corporate spirit of “Honest, dedicated, Cooperative, innovative”, and adheres to the “people-oriented, value creation, pursuit of excellence and harmonious development ” core values

                The company is committed to becoming a competitive learning organization, and it hopes to realize the common growth of both employees and the enterprise through encouraging the staff to keep learning to improve their professional skills and create values for the company.

                China WindPower Group Limited sincerely invites elites to join. Owing to the bright development prospect, international human resource strategy and good corporate culture, our company will provide a broader development platform for you.

                By joining China WindPower Group Limited, you can kick-start your career to a successful future and contribute to a sustainable tomorrow.

                Careers Development


                Work Environment


                China WindPower Group Limited provides comfortable working environment for employees. Please join us to enjoy the process of making progress and growing up together and the value of “generation for generations” .


                Remuneration System


                We have the target of attracting talents and elites in this industry. Hence, we provide competitive salaries, insurance, housing fund, stock option, festival and holiday compensation, annual spring tour, annual body checkups, etc...


                Staff Training


                The company strives to become a learning organization concerning with each employee's growth and improvement of their professional skills. Through providing professional training programs, the company is in hopes of employees’ growing up together with the company’s development.


                Career Path


                The company focuses on staff’s growth and development, and provides various development paths and promotion channels in both technical and management aspects depending on different demands. In addition, the company provides various training programs in hopes to make the talent of every individual can be turned to good account.

                Various Activities

                Q1 2016 Hiking Activity-Summer Palace

                2016 Annual Meeting & 10th Annuversary Celebration