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                CNE Team Attends 2019 L'Etape du Tour de France - L'étape Championship

                On July 21st, the 29th edition of the L'Etape Tour de France was opened in France. CNE sent a team composed of Liu Jianhong, Vice Chairman of the Board, Shang Li, Executive Director and CTO as well as Zhou Xiaole, Investment Director, to attend the race.

                This edition of L'Étape du Tour de France attracted over 16,000 competitors from the world, among whom 33 were from China. The event was open to riders with outstanding performance on L’Étape Series events all over the world. While maintaining the feature of high difficulty, it also integrates the elements of the Tour de France. As for the track, it applied the same one as Stage 20 of the Tour de France. It covered a total of 135 kilometers starting from a southwest city of France, Albertville, where the 1992 Winter Olympics was held and ending in Val Thorens, an European ski resort. The overall climbing height of 4,563 meters marked the highest difficulty ever for this event so this posed a huge challenge to the riders’ strength, endurance, willpower and skills.

                This was the third time CNE sent team to participate in this event since 2018 L'Étape Beijing by Le Tour de France and 2019 L'Étape Zhuji by Le Tour de France. It fully demonstrates the company’s value of “pursuing excellence” and the spirit of “cooperation and making progress” and also shows the competitors’ spirit of constantly challenging themselves and transcending themselves.