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                CNE Helps Apple Fully Realize Power Supply from Renewable Energy

                On September 24th, Apple said that its China’s Clean Energy Fund had invested in 3 wind power stations. CNE developed 2 of them, which are CNE Jingtang and CNE Shenzhangtan wind power stations with an installed capability of 48MW respectively. These projects had been completed and began to deliver clean power to power grids.


                CNE is devoted to become a first-class international clean energy company. This time, the successful collaboration with Apple is not only a highly recognition for CNE’s professional competence in new energy but also a vivid reflection of the company’s implementation of “providing high-quality clean energy and professional services and promoting the harmonious development between human and nature.”


                Mr. Cook, CEO of Apple, said that “we are proud that Apple has fully used power from renewable energy and we join hands with our suppliers to work towards it. Next year, we will have a new source of power supply of over 6,000 MW from renewable energy to be connected with the grid, including 3 new wind power stations in Hunan and Hubei.”