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                Put Efforts to Real Work for Practical Results-CNE Helps Jilin Tongyu County in Poverty Alleviation

                To implement national policy of taking targeted measures in poverty alleviation, actively participate in poverty alleviation actions and practice company’s social responsibilities, CNE actively responds to the call of the Communist Party Committee (CPC) of Tongyu County and County Government, offers aids to 3 towns and 8 villages of Tongyu County and makes due contribution to win the battle against poverty and build a moderately prosperous society.


                CNE asks Tongyu project company to , according to the work plan and arrangement and relevant activities requirements of the CPC of Tongyu County and County Government, seek unity in thinking and fully mobilize to offer aids to Xinsheng village, Yaodong village, Ximu village and Chunyang village of Zhanyu town of Tongyu county, Dongtai village, Xitai village, Hongyuan village of Xingxiang town and Taiping village of Wulanhua town. Tongyu project company immediately established a poverty alleviation work team with project manager Wu Shihai as team leader and Li Fushun and Sun Minglu as team members and several theme sessions were called. Implementation plans for aiding activities were made in accordance with the conditions of company in time and goals, tasks and steps as well as the work team’s responsibilities and specific tasks were clarified. Taking poverty alleviation as a major political task and a top project for people’s well-being, we will fulfill our responsibilities and divide tasks in detail to offer aids in real terms.


                On October 17th, 2018, the day of the 5th National Poverty Alleviation Day, CNE’s Tongyu project company donated 100,000 yuan for poverty alleviation work through Tongyu county’s “Hold hands and connect hearts to alleviate poverty” large public welfare gala, which was also a launching ceremony for the social volunteers to take part in the poverty alleviation work of Tongyu county.


                From the beginning of 2019 to now, a total fund of 675,000 yuan, multiple equipment and many personnel had been invested to help with the village environment treatment, road repairs and dilapidated house renovations at Dongtai village, Xitai village, Hongyuan village of Xingxiang town and Taiping village of Wulanhua town.

                Tongyu project manager Wu Shihai went to the assisted impoverished villages to conduct work for many times so as to fully grasp the work process and help the work team to solve the difficulties and problems; went to the impoverished villages for research and offered guidance on a regular basis, analyzed the assisted projects one by one and made scientific and reasonable plan in accordance with the village conditions; constantly improved the methods for poverty alleviation, deepened measures and helped lift the impoverished villages out of poverty according to the circumstances. At the same time, special fund was put in place to make sure the poverty alleviation work receive real results. These work were welcomed and highly appraised by the locals and they even sent silk banner to express their gratitude.


                Since the establishment of CNE, it has took “providing high-quality clean energy and professional services and promoting the harmonious development between human and nature” as its mission by actively participating in various social public activities, building Hope Schools and improving school conditions; setting up scholarships at universities to assist top students from poor families finish their studies; offering donations to the disaster relieve efforts in Tibet and Yunnan; and conducting poverty alleviation work in Hunan, Hubei, Shandong, Hebei and Jilin as well as promoting the sustainable development of enterprises and society.


                Representatives from the village committee of Xitai village, Xinxing town give silk banner to Tongyu project company 


                Representatives from the village committee of Hongyuan village, Xinxing town give silk banner to Tongyu project company


                Representatives from the village committee of Dongtai village, Xinxing town give silk banner to Tongyu project company