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                The First Machine Unit Manufactured by Northeast China’s First Large Wind Power Industry Equipment Base in which CNE Is Involved Comes off the Production Line

                On the morning of October 25th, 2019, the off-line ceremony for the first machine unit manufactured by Northeast China’s first large wind power industry equipment base, which was jointly built by CNE and Zhejiang Yunda Wind Power Corporation, was held successfully in Pingfang District of Harbin. Liu Xingge, Member of the CPC Harbin Standing Committee, Deputy Secretary of Party Working Committee of Harbin’s New District and Economic Development Zone and Secretary of Pingfang District, Zhang Xiaoping, Deputy Director of Development and Reform Commission of Harbin, Yu Weizhou, President of CNE as well as Gao Ling, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of Yunda Wind Power and General Manager, all attended the ceremony.


                In the speech, President Yu Weizhou said that Heilongjiang Province, as one of the important national energy base, has rich energy resources and clean energy resources. The establishment of large wind power industry equipment base for greater development of wind power equipment manufacturing can further facilitate the transformation of resource advantages into industry and economic advantages, promote local economic development and employment and push forward manufacturing upgrading and adjustment of energy structure. The offline of the first wind power unit was just an initial result of this project while the next step is to work towards the deep services integrating R&D, manufacturing and operation maintenance, drive the whole industrial chain development of Heilongjiang’s wind power industry and contribute to regional economic and social development and ecological and environmental protection.