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                The Environment and Sustainable Development


                Providing Clean and Green Energy


                China WindPower Group Limited focuses on the wind power business. Wind is a renewable source of energy, and harnessing wind power to produce electricity avoids emission of greenhouse gases, nuclear wastes and other forms of environmental pollution. Today, with the ever looming threats of global warming and energy crises, developing and utilize wind energy is a responsible, and wise step to address the energy crises and maintain the stability of the future.


                Implementing sustainable development


                China WindPower and its subsidiaries follow strict sustainable development methods throughout their operations. In the process of design, development, construction and operation of each project, the Group and its subsidiaries put the environment and biodiversity as one of their top priorities. During the design and development of wind farm projects, the potential impact of the surrounding environment is evaluated, and measures are implemented to slow down or prevent such effects. During the construction and operation of the projects, the company places great emphasis on the prevention of soil erosion, and uses engineering, biological and temporary measures to form the soil and water conservation and recovery system. The company strives to improve its technical know-how in order to reduce the environmental impact of its operations.


                Concord New Energy and the Community


                Actively Returning to the Community


                China WindPower is constantly using various methods to directly give back to the community. With support of the local government, China WindPower established a wind power equipment manufacturing factory in Fuxin, Liaoning, and invested 100 million HKD to construct standard factory. Introducing the Goldwind company into Fuxin by multitudinous wind turbine orders filled the gap of turbine manufacture industry and provided countless job opportunities for locals.

                In 2009, the chairman of China WindPower, Mr. Liu Shunxing and vice-chairman Mr. Ko Chun Shun personally donated 1.5 million to build the Taiyangshan hope primary school in Changtu, Tieling, Liaoning, and to constantly improve the teaching environment and facilities. In 2010, Mr. Liu Shunxing personally contributed to the primary school's upgrade of their heating facilities, including the purchase of fuels to fix their heating problems.

                China WindPower donated 1.5 million to improve the Houxinqiu secondary school. In addition, the Group also donated 300 thousand to Weizigou and Dasijiazixiang in order to improve their teaching conditions, and this contribution created a very positive social response from the local government and residents.

                China WindPower plans to build a hope primary school in Chaoyang and jianping, Liaoning. Currently, potential sites are being evaluated, and it is believed that the “China WindPower” hope primary school will be build in the near future.


                Integrating into the Community


                In areas of project development, we put great emphasis on avoiding disturbing the local residents due to our operations. This not only can earn praise from the locals, but also can directly benefit their lives. We ensure full communication with the residents of each project location, and hope to establish and maintain a long term constructive relationship. In order to quickly be informed and address these issues affecting the local community, we have also established a mechanism through which locals near our projects can report environmental disturbances. We monitor all ongoing projects, and conduct yearly surveys to measure our impact on the locals. By working tirelessly, we aim to reduce local impact and achieve China WindPower's goal of sustainable development and improvement with the local community.


                Care of Employees


                Occupational Health and Safety


                A company's growth is inherently tied to the welfare of its employees that is why our company places a lot of attention in ensuring proper safety and occupational health.

                Organizational Protection: Not only does our company have a human resources department, we also established a social responsibility and environmental protection department & a safety committee to maximize our contribution to the occupational health, safety and hygiene.

                Material Protection: The company provides sufficient funds for employees’ occupational health and safety training, and for labor protection equipment.

                System Protection: The company established both group-level and subsidiary-level occupational health systems and regulations.

                Activity Protection: The EPC company, tower manufacturing company and operating and maintaining company all obtained the occupational healthy and safe management system certification, and integrated with the monitoring and testing policies to establish hazard sources identification plan and risk assessment plan. This will ensure that we can identify and address potential risks and hazards at a maximum limit. Employees in the subsidiary company must accept occupational health and safety training regularly, and the company should check the hazard sources in workplaces in order to keep accidents to a minimum.


                Build Employees Educational and Training Platform


                Our Calling: China WindPower persists in its corporate spirit of “Integrity, Dedication, Cooperativeness, Aggressiveness”, and adheres to the “people-oriented; value creation; pursuit of excellence and harmonious development” core values.

                Rights Protection: We provide good salary and welfare to our employees, including competitive salaries within the industry, and holiday subsidies, annual spring outing, health checkups.

                Talent Nurturing: The company strives to become a learning organization encouraging the staff and focusing on Improving their professional skills to realize the common growth of both employees and the enterprise. The company provides many professional development paths in hopes of nurturing great employee together with the company’s development.